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You’ll usually find wetrooms in communal shower rooms like at the spa or the gym. You might also see them in modern luxury hotels and modern interior design magazines, but that doesn’t mean that wetrooms cannot be incorporated into your own home.Firstly, let’s clear up one thing: A wetroom might not need a shower tray, screen or bath but that’s not to say that it’s a cheap project. Waterproofing an entire room is a job that requires skill and precision and to get it right might cost you more money than you think.On the other hand, having a wetroom can have many benefits, like increasing your property’s value on the market, or make a small bathroom look larger and work more efficiently. So when deciding to turn your bathroom into wetroom there definitely is a lot to think about first.


Probably the most important thing is to waterproof the entire room and make sure that is well ventilated. This is where it’s ok to splash some money to hire a specialist for a professional installation that you are sure you won’t regret. And since the room is specifically designed to be watertight it’s way more difficult to obtain any water damage, in comparison to a normal bathroom.

Under floor Heating

When going for a wetroom it is also a good idea to invest in under floor heating. It might sound like a luxury but it will keep the floor dry and warm, avoiding damp as well as saving you the trouble of walking into a chilly room first thing in the morning. An under floor heating can also save energy by maintaining the heat inside the room and might just turn out to be the best bathroom decision you’ve made.

Maximise space

A wetroom can be a smart solution to a small space, transforming it into a more practical bathroom with more room for movement. However, you might need to install a shower screen or arrange the room in a way that protects accessories and towels from getting wet. You can also consider having your shower floor elevated and use a shower screen if you want to create a distinct divide between the shower and the rest of the room.

Exceptional Design

Perhaps the most interesting element to creating a wetroom is the design element due to the number of possibilities available. A wetroom can give you the freedom to incorporate your style and create a unique room that is original and unconventional. It can also be a great way to channel your inner minimalist by investing in high quality tiles and ceramics that will give it all the personality it needs. Incorporating storage furniture or a seating can increase practicality and add a sense of luxury to the overall look.So whether you want to maximize your space or create a more contemporary bathroom, you can take the above advice as a guide to help you decide if a wetroom is the perfect solution for you!