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Saneux Showering

Making Change

Looking after our planet

At Saneux, we are continuously striving to find ways to help make positive changes to our environment. Whether it is through our manufacturing process of our products, through our packaging, or through our working practices at our offices, distribution centre, and factories, we are constantly making eco-conscious decisions and changes across the company that will prove beneficial to our planet.

Our Initiatives

  • WRAS Approved Products

    One of the ways in which we're contributing to looking after our planet is by incorporating WRAS approvals into our products. In simple terms, products that are WRAS approved do not use materials that could contaminate the water in any way, such as our brassware and flushing systems. In fact, around 75% of our basin mixers, showers, and flushing systems are WRAS approved, and we aim to have WRAS approval on all our eligible brassware and flushing system products by 2030.

  • Packaging

    We are constantly changing how we package our products and how we best recycle any packaging. For example, we are changing from using plastic wrapping to protect our products to using recyclable fabric wrap, a much more sustainable alternative that offers the same amount of protection as plastic wrap. We also work with a company to recycle pallets that are no longer usable.

  • Waste

    At our distribution centre and our factories, we work with waste management companies to recycle materials that can no longer be reused. Any non-recyclable materials that are collected from us are used to generate power in order to achieve a "zero to landfill" policy. We are also reducing the amount of paper we use in our offices and distribution centre and by 2025, we aim to have reduced our paper usage by 80% through the implementation of new paperless systems.