Additions to our iconic architecture inspired furniture collection


The impact of going into a physical store or showroom is second to none. Although browsing and researching online for your new bathroom is convenient, it doesn’t beat the immersive experience you get of going into a showroom and being able to see and feel the products on display.

One of our aims for 2023 is to closely support our network of retailers so that they can thrive in an online heavy world and provide the best shopping experience for you, the consumer. That’s why we have introduced Premium and Niche Dealers.

A Saneux Premium Dealer displays a vast selection of Saneux products in luxurious settings. These dealers will showcase our latest products with stunning interiors that will inspire you and will give you a truly immersive shopping experience.

“We want to assure consumers so that when they walk into a Premium Dealer’s showroom, they'll know that they will be able to see a large selection of our products on display, they will come away with their questions answered, and they will feel confident enough to make their final purchase decisions,” says Mark Jones, Saneux’s Retail Sales Manager.

Alongside Premium Dealers are Niche Dealers. These dealers will be displaying exclusive Saneux collections that are not available to purchase online, including our KINGSBURY and MONUMENT ranges. “We want to support the high street merchants and showrooms by launching collections that can only be purchased through them rather than being available to purchase online,” explains Mark. “It brings back the traditional way of shopping by having the ability to see the products in person which makes a big difference when making important purchase decisions like updating or renovating your bathroom.”

Both Premium and Niche Dealers can be found on our Find A Retailer page.