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In this age of technology, laptops and smartphones we are flooded with an overwhelming number of bloggers out there posting everything from lifestyle to hair and even sandwiches. What makes us happy is the large amount of interior design blogs that have sprang up to feed our inspiration appetite. But how do you tell the great ones from the… not so great ones?We’ve rounded up our 5 favourite Interior Design Blogs that we religiously follow:1. Mad About The House: Kate Watson- Smyth is a successful journalist that writes for the Financial Times and the Independent amongst other publications. It’s no wonder that her blog Mad About The House is an award winning website, as it features the most wonderfully created spaces including her own house that has previously been in Houzz.com, HeartHome and others.2. Hannah In The House: Hannah’s blog celebrates simplicity and minimalism. It is truly magnificent what you can create with only a few simple and fine materials and a good eye. Life doesn’t need to be complicated and so does interior design. We love this blog because it brings design into a whole new level and explores memory and space.3. Apartment Therapy: This blog covers all aspects of a home and its interiors. If you are looking for design advice, DIY tips, renovation inspiration or a whole section on kitchens including recipes and more, this blog has it all. It is a library maintaining a large information range on anything that has to do with your home.4. Abigail Ahern: It is the absolute interior inspiration blog, featuring fantastic colorful pictures, creative products and brilliant spaces. Have a look through the posts before decorating your new home, or remodeling an old room and you will be flooded in great ideas that will make your space unique. Or if you are like us and are not moving into a new space, you can just look through the pictures and daydream.5. Dear Designer: Carole King is the co-founder of Heart Home magazine and editor of Dear Designer blog. In her blog she shares her knowledge as an interior designer and documents her inspiration sourced from spaces and buildings. We love her post on interior design trends and are always excited when we get to see a new blog on bathrooms.We hope you enjoy these blogs and let us know which ones are your favourites. In the meantime, you can have a look around our blog for exclusive information and inspiration for your bathroom.