Our new brochure drops on 03/06

We are very excited to announce that we just about to expand our warehousing & logistics operations this month! We have partnered with XPO Logistics to ensure that their global experience in freight handling and their ultra-mobile UK workforce delivers an outstanding experience to our customers.This move will bring together three existing warehouse locations into one, new, mega, state-of-the-art facility. It will enable us to:• Quadruple the amount of space• Process more orders• Deliver across the UK in record time• Open pathways to the rest of EuropeIn these final stages of the move will need to have 2 days without deliveries. Orders taken up to 16:30 Wednesday 13th August will be delivered on Thursday 14th. Orders taken on Thursday 14th and Friday 15th will be delivered on the following week Tuesday 18th.From Tuesday 18th August all regular services will resume as normal.We hope this will not cause any major disruption.