Our new brochure drops on 03/06

It's been an extremely busy year for us here so far and it's only going to get busier. Behind the scenes we have been working on creating some new products and ranges as well as expanding and improving some of our current collections, some of which you may have already seen!

This August, we're officially launching the expansion of two of our popular ranges: AIR and AUSTEN.

The AIR range was first launched in February 2018 and has been a huge hit thanks to its short projection basins and units, rimless WC and all at attractive prices. As this range is particularly popular among those who need bathroom units that don't break the bank and are space saving, we decided to introduce 40cm basins and units for bathrooms where every inch of space counts and can be saved!

Alongside the 40cm basins and units, LED mirrors will join the AIR range to help to create a cost effective range that offers the complete bathroom package. Not only this, but a third colour has also come into the mix: matte pewter grey. This is a soft light grey with a bluish undertone and is a great option for those who want something subtly different to having white bathroom furniture but not something as strong and striking as the dark wood Alpine Carbon finish.

Speaking of new colours, the AUSTEN range of furniture has long been in our product portfolio, with the classic gloss white and Alaska finishes being in the range from the offset. Now we are introducing 2 new colours to the range: matte white and matte iron grey. Matte white is a lovely, modern alternative to the gloss white finish if you want something a little more subdued, whereas the matte iron grey will be sure to stand out in your bathroom.

There will also be an element of personalisation to the AUSTEN units as you'll be able to choose your own handle from a selection of chrome, stainless steel and matte black finishes all in varying styles. To make it even more luxe, each drawer unit will automatically come with a mat inside which prevents your toiletries from rolling or falling over. There are also new drawer dividers that will be available in 50cm, 60cm and 72cm to match the unit sizes.

Along with the washbasin units, the AUSTEN LED mirror cabinets have also gotten an upgrade, with a new sleek light design that projects a soft overhead glow to illuminate your bathroom.

Both the AIR and AUSTEN new products will be coming into stock August 2019, so if you want to pre-order your displays or want to quote these for an upcoming project of yours then please email sales@saneux.com.

There will be more range launches and expansions coming soon, so make sure you check our website and follow us on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn pages so you don't miss it!