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Minimalism in the bathroom and its benefits

When you really think about it, living life with a minimal approach can help your wellbeing, happiness and overall feeling of contentment. For example, an uncluttered living space alows more room for creativity and efficiency. A more simplistic lifestyle results in less stress and better life quality. Eating a non- processed natural diet means more energy, better skin complexion and general health. It seems then that the old saying “less is more” has a basis after all.When minimalism can be applied to all the aspects of our lives in different ways, how then do we begin to apply this concept in the room we most associate with tranquillity and wellbeing: the bathroom?

Minimal Design

The more obvious way is to incorporate minimalism in design. A minimal design can be practical and timeless. Contrary to other stylistic choices, minimal clean lines never go out of trend and allow for flexibility when it comes to incorporating other design agents.Tip: View our Indigo line here for more inspiration.

Minimal Products

By keeping only the essentials in your bathroom cabinet or drawer you will make sure you have everything that you need without clutter and disorganisation. It’s easy to keep your bathroom tidy once you identify what no longer serves you and get rid of it. A good way of identifying the products you really need is to first write a list of your priorities, for example body skincare and haircare and associate each with the products that are truly essential. Avoid pampering products and extras. By investing in quality naturally made essentials you will reap better results whilst avoiding spending extra money on things you rarely use.

Minimal Waste

Most importantly to have a minimal bathroom you should try to produce minimum waste. A cluttered bathroom with chemical products can be very harmful. Being aware of the environment can help us use more eco- friendly products and with time produce less and less waste. Water conservation is another way you can help reducing the harmful impact our everyday households inflict on our planet.Tip: Head over to our “4 Practical Ways To Save Water” blog.Embarking on uncluttering your bathroom and minimizing your products can seem daunting at first. Soon you will come to find that this decision can maximise the quality of time you spend in your bathroom whilst reducing the harmful environmental impact and also helping to keep your conscience clean!