Our new brochure drops on 03/06

At Saneux, we look at the world a little differently. Based in London, we’ve been pushing the envelope and changing the face of luxury bathroom manufacturing for more than two decades. We make bathroom products that break the mold and create a bathroom that’s as much an experience as a room in your house.

Air, the economical bathroom furniture line

With that tradition behind us, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the new Air range of space-saving, flexible, and high-quality sanitaryware. The Air range is an economical and sleek line of bathroom solutions characterised by clean lines and sophisticated design accents. Modern silhouettes pair with classic finishes and lines, making the Air range a familiar but modern addition to our suite of bathroom products.

This range includes wall-mounted and free standing units, two sizes of basins, and a WC

, all designed to complement any decoration or tile treatment. Flexible, high-quality, and accessible, the Air line draws on our twenty years of innovation to express our mission statement in the form of a fresh design using inventive technology. Our

Air WC range in particular, uses Rim_X technology

that boasts efficiency and ultra-short projection. This water-saving feature makes the Air WC a unique product, complemented by its beautifully stylish, yet minimalist design.

From the economical price point to the variety of possible configurations, this line is a functional and attractive setup for any bathroom. The style of our new Air units coordinate well with almost any design scheme or colour pattern, and they come in sleek gloss white or alpine carbon finishes to lend any room a pop of elegance and quality.Speaking of quality, expect the same high standards in our Air range as you’ll find in any Saneux product. Made with the best materials and tested under the most rigorous quality checks, our cutting-edge designs sit right at the intersection of variety, quality, and exquisite design.Air Bathroom furnitureSaneux remains committed to our goal of excellence, from the design phase through to your installation. We’re confident the Air range will give our clients the most high-quality, design-forward products on the market today.View all Air products