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You don’t need a full renovation to make your bathroom standout from the crowd. In fact small, affordable additions can add that lavish touch you are looking for and make your bathroom unrecognizable, without the stress of a renovation and the much-dreaded bill.
Nothing is more important than having a set of soft towels and a fluffy mat to step to when you get out of the bathtub. Textiles can make or break your bathroom’s atmosphere and comfort. Choose a colorful hand towel like this Alvaro Hand Towel from Anthropologie to add character to your space.
Don’t underestimate the impact small accessories can bring in your bathroom. Soap dispensers, dishes and toothbrush holders are essential; but just because they are practical, does not mean they can’t be decorative. Indulge in a beautiful bathroom accessory set that you will use every day. We love this Marble Accessory Set from The White Company.
We have yet to see a bathroom space that lucks a mirror, yet a lot of the time it goes unnoticed. If you choose a unique or unusual mirror it will sure compliment your space and even give it the illusion of a bigger room. From round or rectangle, vintage or modern, flat or cabinet, when it comes to mirrors, you are spoiled for choice. Our personal favourite is the ICE Mirror Cabinet by non other than our very own brand Saneux.
Who said art could not be introduced to your bathroom space? Although we are not suggesting that you put a pricey oil painting above your toilet, a small poster in a frame on a shelf can do wonders to your space. Choose a motivational quote like this Do Small Things Framed Poster from The White Company.All images are used by with permission from Anthropologie UK & The White Company.