Additions to our iconic architecture inspired furniture collection


We have been made aware of an e-commerce website that is claiming to be us, Saneux (EU) Ltd.

Our only live websites that are registered to us are which is an online catalogue and not an e-commerce website, and which is an e-commerce website to purchase spare parts for Saneux products. Any other website or e-commerce website that claims to be Saneux and sell our products are not associated with us in any way.

Purchases that are made through an e-commerce website impersonating Saneux will result in disappointment. It is highly likely you will not receive the items ordered.

If you come across a website other than or that claims to be Saneux and it has not been promoted or communicated through us directly, please inform us immediately by emailing

We have also been made aware of an email address which is claiming to be us that is associated with the fraudulent website. Our only email addresses have the domain “”. Any email addresses that do not have this domain but claim to be us are not from us.

Our only contact information are as follows:

Main website:
Spares website:
Email domain:
Telephone number: 02086865100
Social media: LinkedIn | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | YouTube