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Small bathrooms are increasingly common nowadays. Taking the right steps from the start can make a bathroom an efficient and pleasurable space to be in, no matter how small it might be.However, one very critical aspect of a well-designed bathroom that is often neglected and overlooked is the degree of air quality. Though invisible, air quality and circulation are issues that need to be addressed with utmost consideration as they can have important effects on health and living standards. This is where good ventilation takes a major role and if done correctly can help avoid mould growth and condensation inside the bathroom or wetroom as well as from spreading to other parts of the house. Ventilation is important for any room but is most significant in tide bathrooms where a substantial amount of water mist is accumulated within a small, condensed space.The best way to ensure your bathroom’s air quality is by installing a ventilation system. Using energy an extractor fan removes water vapour and condensation from the bathroom, replaces it with fresh outside air and moves it around the room or house for better circulation. In this way a ventilation system is essential for good breathing, restriction of excess moisture in the air as well as the dilution of bad odours. Extract ventilation can be manually controlled so that it operates in set times or perhaps when the bathroom is in use. By doing so you can help significantly reduce energy waste.Although supposedly implied, having open windows is very important for a well ventilated home. Nevertheless, people still neglect to have their bathroom window open for a substantial amount of time and let the room breath and accommodate enough clean air for a healthier room. We suggest leaving the bathroom window and door open for an hour everyday when not bathing or showering to encourage air circulation and flow.Having said that, cool air from the window can cause surfaces to feel cold and damp. Installing underfoot heating can help dry floors quickly by keeping the room warm and make a big difference, especially when it comes to wetrooms. Likewise, heated towel rails can keep your towels dry and fresh and avoid extra moisture to reside within the room.By taking these actions you can make sure that you small bathroom or wetroom is not subject to mould growth and damp. On the contrary, good ventilation will amount to a fresh and healthy environment for you and your family.