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So your children hate bath time? So do most kids.

Designing your bathroom space according to your family’s needs can seem like a difficult and complicated task. However, it is essential to create a room that is practical and fun for both you and your kids.Everyone knows the importance of adjusting your living space to make a home a safe and convenient place to raise a family, why is it then that we often forget to do the same when it comes to the bathroom. By making a few adjustments you can easily create a bathroom that will make bath time more enjoyable for the whole family.Here we share our favourite products that help you do just that!

The Little White Company, Hydrocotton Robe with Ears- White

If your struggle is not getting your kids into the bath but getting them out; don’t worry, we have you covered as well! This snuggly soft hydro cotton robe with bear ears by The White Company is sure to tempt any kid that likes to take their time in the bath.

Anthropologie, Seastriped Laundry Basket

A laundry basket is a must for any busy family bathroom and we particularly like this fun striped basket by Anthropologie. Kids can learn to put their clothes straight into the laundry basket before getting into the tub, saving you time gathering clothes all over the floor.

John Lewis, Ted in Tub Baby Mat, Duck/Frog

Safety is paramount when you have little children in the house, as accidents are very easy to occur. We like this Ted in Tub Bath Mat by John Lewis for its colourful and playful design. Its high quality ensures that no slipping or accidents take place when little ones are having fun with bubbles in the bath.

Rose in April, Hook, Wooden Raindrop

This Wooden Raindrop Hook by Rose in April is a perfect way to add some fun characteristics to your family bathroom and encourage your kids to hang their hand towel. After all , it’s the small things that make big difference! Don't worry, if you don't live in France, you can purchase these lovely hooks on The Modern Life's website.

Argos, Safety 1st Wooden 2 Step Stool (online exclusive)

We love how simple and compact this Argos step stool is; making it ideal for any bathroom style or size.  Having a step stool is very important to encourage children to do things on their own, starting with simple things like washing their hands and brushing their teeth.