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Choosing the right bathroom mirror for your space requires careful attention to function, size, and finish. Every bathroom is different, and although the core purpose of all mirrors is the same, the specifics you choose can put the final polish on a perfect bathroom experience.

With that in mind, it’s not surprising that you have so many options! Here are a few points of consideration.

Pay Attention to Details

Things like trim, beveled edges, and recessed mirrors can add a real note of distinction to an otherwise simple bathroom mirror. Our INISIDE series mirrors make use of recessed mirrors to add an instant punch of style without dominating the room, and these simple things can really increase the impact and overall look of a space.

Functionality Is Critical

Many modern bathroom mirrors have handy details that can increase the usefulness of a space. Look for mirrors with built in hooks, magnifying lenses, or speakers to make your bathroom feel a little more custom. For example, our ELLUMINATE line has an included shaver holder on the side of the mirror!

Built in Lights

Many Saneux mirrors feature built in lights, and we love adding these to our products for their energy efficiency and convenience. Gentle lights built right onto mirrors reduce the shadows on the face, making it easier to apply makeup or shave without squinting or turning your head every which way. LED lights also add great ambiance to a bathroom without using harsh overhead lights, and they use so little power that they can actually save you money over time!

Mirrored Cabinets Add Storage

A critical component of any bathroom is having enough space to store your toiletries. Mirrored cabinets take up minimal room in an otherwise wasted space while still serving perfectly as mirrors when the cabinet doors are shut. Mirrored cabinets are really a perfect two in one option. Our ICE wall-mounted mirror cabinet also have a shaver sockets and LED lights, so they’re a perfect multitasking addition to your bathroom.

Horizontal or Vertical Placement

If you buy a rectangular mirror, remember that you can choose to arrange it with an emphasis on height or width. Placing your mirror so it is in the portrait position adds height to a space, while landscape positioning draws the eye along the length of the room, adding depth. Saneux’s DUSK mirror enhances the effect with light strips on two sides, and it can be arranged either direction for maximum flexibility. Whichever way you choose to arrange it, a rectangular mirror gives you a choice to customize your mirror to your specific space.

Match Finishes

If your bathroom features a particular finish, such as wood, metal, or slate, look for a mirror that coordinates to create a cohesive look. Our AUSTEN 2-door mirror cabinet comes in beautiful walnut finishes to harmonize with the rest of the AUSTEN line of products, or you can mix and match whatever patterns and styles you like to create a room that you love!

Bathrooms should be perfect for you and your lifestyle, so have fun experimenting with different styles and designs.