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With bathrooms as small as 10sqm in South China and the average UK master bathroom reaching new lows with only 2x2m, it looks like bathrooms are getting smaller and smaller. You’ll often find toilets as small as 1,20x1,20m and regular bathrooms have the same dimensions as a king sized bed.With such limited space it’s often very hard to meet the needs and requirements of the house occupants. Whilst a single professional might be satisfied with a minimal shower and the storage space provided by a mirror cabinet, a family of 4 will need a bit more than that. This is when compact sanitaryware and bathroom furniture can make a big difference. Wall shelves and resorting to store bathroom products in another part of the house can also be alternative solutions.Working with the layout of your space is essential to achieve the most practical results possible. Unused corner space is a common mistake in compact bathrooms. A corner basin can reduce used space significantly and give the illusion of a bigger room. In the same way a sink with attached towel rack can free that extra wall space that a normal towel rail would take and can be replaced with shelves to accommodate bathroom products. Even items like toilet paper can be stored on wall shelves without ruining your decoration by simply using attractive boxes or baskets to put them in.This month we will be looking at more ways and tips you can use to improve the function of a small bathroom. For now you can check our previous post on “How to Create Space in Your Bathroom” and our brand new guest blog by Design Hunter on bathroom accessories that can add a touch of luxury to any bathroom regardless of its size.