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Decoration can make or break a bathroom, and when it comes to more compact spaces it can sometimes be a challenge. A small bathroom, however, should not necessarily limit your stylistic choices when you know the correct way of executing them. We’ve gathered some decorating tips to help you style your small bathroom, while giving you the opportunity to incorporate your personal taste.

Modest Design

A great tip when it comes to small bathroom décor is: keep it minimal! This is one of those cases where less is actually more. And it is a logical conclusion that in a smaller space you will have to choose less objects to decorate it with. So make them really count! Select dynamic materials that are sure to make your bathroom noticeable.

Mirrors, Mirrors, Mirrors!

We can’t stress enough how big of a difference mirrors can make in a compact space. A large mirror or a few smaller ones can make a big style statement while giving the impression of a larger bathroom.

Strong Details

When space for exciting design choices and statement decoration is limited, the impact is in the details. Forget about vibrant wall paints and busy patterns. Instead, use small features in an adventurous way to create more character and appeal. For example use a row of vintage tiles, a plant or a luxury towel with a unique design to make your small bathroom feel more like a sanctuary.

Practical Style

You can make your bathroom standout even when you combine style with practicality. Multifunctional furniture and accessories can help you optimize space. Displaying your luxury bathroom products can be enough to spice up your room and make it feel like a hotel bathroom.

Consistency Throughout

Consistency is key when decorating any room but it becomes vital when it comes to a compact bathroom. The limitation of space means there's no room for the slightest mistake. Sticking to one idea and preferably choosing a simple approach to the design can not only bring out a lovely result but can also provide an effortless effect that will make your space look less cluttered.
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