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More often than not, our bathrooms are the smallest rooms in the entire house. And in this age and time we spend a good time doing stuff in this room. The following are the re-organization methods you can employ to tidy up and create a conducive environment in your shower room.1 - Organization and storageTo create more space, consider consolidating stuff that you use at a time in a particular place, tin, jar or corner. This type of re-arrangement will enable you find what you want at the time and location you need it. Use the place just above the door into the room to store bulkier things that take up much space on the floor. Construct sturdy shelves as much as the vertical space can allow. For example, the towels, toiletries, spray, and cleaners can be kept in this place. Cabinetry and closets are other ways of decoration and storage.2 - LightingEnsuring that this room is entirely brightened will fool the eye that it has enough space. The vents allow light during the day, and you should install dim lights in the dark places to provide vision in case you need to access there. Paint the interiors of the room with colors that reflect light from within and outside. You should also think of having windows in your bathroom to aerate and re-freshen it apart from allowing natural light.3 - Install enough mirrorsMirrors, when used, reflect both light and space. This imaginary space is enough satisfaction not to forget the subject in reflection. You should consider installing them across from a window to provide light and outside scenery.4 - Modification of the room and fixtureUse of relatively smaller vanities; the sink/basin and the storage surrounding should be less compared to a bigger on that shall consume space. Some of these fixtures can also be constructed at a corner or inside the wall such that the parts used are exposed. You can also choose to change the swinging of the door such that in the case by going inside, it blocks your entry or obstructed by an item, reverse it to swing going outside.5 - Ensure minimal use of floor surfaceThe best way to free up the surface of your bathroom is to use the vertical area and height of the easily accessed corners. By stacking up what could have been spread on the floor, the area is left for your traffic. The partitioning between the vanity fixtures and the shower area and tub can be done using glass or any transparent enclosures constructed or hung vertically.