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100% Design exhibition “Design in Colour” may now be over, but we are still pondering on colour, its diverse choice and its meaning within interior space. However, we are more concerned with our personal favourite interior space, which is of course: the bathroom.Have you ever given a thought on how the colours in your bathroom affect your psychology or mood? Perhaps you’ve never even thought that your bathroom as a place for vibrant colour.So here are a few shades you can add to your space and how these will affect the atmosphere.

Yellow or Orange:

Yellow or Orange hues can add some warmth to your space. They are also colours that evoke energy and confidence making them perfect to look at during your morning shower. Be careful though, long periods of exposure can rouse feelings of aggression or irritation. For this reason chose to incorporate orange and yellow colours in small objects like an orange towel, or some yellow storage boxes. This way you give an interesting character to your bathroom without ruining your mood.


Green is the colour of nature and peace. It is said that it is the most relaxing colour for human eye exposure and can stir feelings of happiness, comfort and even hope. Incorporate a green wall or shower curtain to your bathroom and enjoy a stress free and relaxed bubble bath.


When thinking of blue we immediately think of the sky and sea. These images of nature elements relate to sensations of calmness, nourishment and soothing. Perhaps this is the reason that blue is most commonly linked to bathroom interiors opposed to any other room. You can combine a variety of blue shades to give a navy spin to your space or use darker tones for a bold statement room.

White and Beige:

Mostly used as neutrals these two colours are essential. The amount of neutral colours used also determines the balance of your room. Use white or beige as the starting point on which you will add any other colours. Don’t be afraid to have a plain white or beige space. When adding the correct furniture and accessories your space can be transformed in a modern minimalistic heaven.