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Saneux had a wonderful time at this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week. This world-class exhibition brings together the UK’s best and brightest, and Saneux was proud to showcase our new showroom. We love sharing our ranges with the members of the engineering, architecture and design community, and we had a great turnout, with approximately 250 people visiting our showroom to see our products and meet our team.One of the things we enjoy most about industry events is connecting with wonderful architects and designers across the country. Talking about design trends, new technology, and our showroom products motivates our team to keep innovating, and we couldn’t have had a better time.  Especially exciting were all the students who visited us; meeting young architects and designers proves that the industry has a bright future.Of course, we loved the opportunity to present our new showroom to industry insiders and the public, including our PODIUM range and two as-yet-unreleased lines: the FRONTIER and REGENCY ranges.Regency Unit frontier unitWe also enjoyed delighting visitors with our presentation bathroom, highlighting how many useful and beautiful bathroom solutions we could install in an 800mm wide bay. These products included a toilet with a basin and unit, as well as an entire shower.The crown jewel of the event was our VIP night, hosted in partnership with Imagin Lighting. Over 200 people were able to attend, and it was a lovely event that we couldn’t have been prouder to co-host.Although the party was the high point of the show, we imagine the night was even better for the winner of our weekend getaway to the Cotswolds! Francesca Vitalone walked away with the win by nearly guessing the exact number of ping pong balls in our LOLA bath; she guessed 3,100, only 68 away from the official total of 3,168! Great guess, Francesca! We hope you enjoy your stay at the Cotswolds Hotel and Spa.If you’d like to see a video of the event, click below to check it out.We hope to see you next year!