You are probably familiar with the story of Archimedes, the Greek Mathematician who while having a bath suddenly discovered one of physics basic laws and is said to have run in the streets of Syracuse naked shouting “Eureka!” It’s been more than 2000 years after Archimedes’ famous Eureka story and we still find ourselves in our modern showers or bathtubs experiencing moments of brilliance and of bright ideas. And although we don’t go running naked in the streets we still can’t help but wonder where these ideas have been all along and what triggered them to strike us while in the shower.First of all, when you are in the shower you are spending time alone and away from the busy schedule of your day. The door is closed; you can’t hear anything but the calming sound of the water running and the room is infused with the smell of soap and shampoo. The conditions for your mind to escape stress and relax are perfect. Relaxing is also the first step to a creative mind. This is the time that your stream of consciousness awakes and the daydreaming usually begins. With showering as a distraction from the everyday problems and decisions that need to be made, the mind is finally ready to relax and wonder, connecting ideas. You are then more likely to have a great idea or solve a problem that seemed impossible before.So now you know why your best ideas seem to show up in the most random of places, the bathroom. The question is how can you capture these swift moments of epiphany before they slip out of your mind before you’ve even got out of the bath? We think this is exactly why you should keep a notebook in your bathroom to scribble down any sudden ideas you might get in the shower. And if you don’t think that your discovery is not so great at the moment, don’t worry. Maybe when you read it on another day it just might be the answer you need!