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Let’s take a deep-dive into a fun and challenging design project: a tropical-inspired bathroom. Bathrooms have very specific design constraints, and today’s featured designer brings a wealth of interior design experience to teach us about styling a chic and functional bathroom space.Carole King is an interior designer and inspiration curator who runs the blog deardesigner.co.uk and the digital magazine Heart Home. Her design philosophy mixes down-to-earth staples with high drama details to create interiors that are lush, luxurious, and liveable. Striking a balance between light and dark, she has a special gift for making underappreciated spaces like bathrooms and gardens sparkle. Read on for Carole’s top tips on decorating beautiful and functional bathroom without breaking the bank.

How to style a tropical-inspired bathroom

Dunelm Tropical Leaf Shower CurtainDunelm Tropical Leaf Shower Curtain

It can sometimes be quite hard to add style to a bathroom if you have inherited the bathroom design from previous owners, live in a rented property, or have a small budget. That's when I always look out for a shower curtain that delivers immediate impact. This lovely tropical leaf shower curtain (which is inspired by rainforests) is currently bang on trend, adds pattern and colour, and is easily and inexpensively swapped for something else when you fancy a change.

John Lewis Rubberised Bamboo Bathroom DuckboardJohn Lewis Rubberised Bamboo Bathroom Duckboard

Duckboards provide a contemporary and hygienic alternative to the usual bathmat. Warm to the feet when stepping out of the shower, the bamboo material here is coated with rubber for durability, resulting in a water-resistant and satin-look finish.  It perfectly complements the leafy shower curtain continuing the theme of 'green and organic' for a refreshing bathtime experience.

Zuiver Bandit Round Wall MirrorZuiver Round Wall Mirror in Gold

Round wall mirrors and particularly metallic round mirrors are having a moment right now. This stunner would certainly add sophistication and a hint of luxury to any bathroom. The mirror itself is tinted gold (not just the frame) which will bring a lovely warm glow to your face in the mornings. Always a bonus!  A mirror in the bathroom may be considered an essential item but it can also be a statement piece too!

Cox and Cox Slimline Metal ShelfCox and Cox Brass Slimline Metal Shelf

Continuing with the theme of 'practical and beautiful' this slim brass shelf is just the thing to place above the basin.  It's always handy to have somewhere to put makeup items when you are rushing around in the morning, and it also provides a place to display some of your prettier bottles and bits and bobs.  A small vase of seasonal flowers would be sure to put a smile on your face every single day, and a row of night lights would ensure relaxation last thing at night.

Bloomingville Glass Soap DispenserBloomingville Glass Soap Dispenser

Why have plastic bottles on show when you can have pretty glass dispensers like this? This elegant example features a lovely honeycomb pattern and the gold details echo the gold of the mirror and the brass shelf. The subtle green colour that fades into transparent is stylish and the perfect finishing touch to a tropical inspired bathroom scheme.

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