We are starting a new quarter again, and this means a new Bathroom Decor! On that occasion we are collaborating with a new blogger to give you his 5 bathroom must-haves. For this third edition, we invited Mike Ahern the creator and author of Brit Decor. The interior designer has worked with various brands such as Marks & Spencer Home or Amara to name a few. His blog, entirely dedicated to interior design, will inspire you with neutral and original styles.


Black Bamboo Ladder

Bamboo is frequently associated with relaxation, which makes it a perfect choice for a bathroom - I often find myself gravitating towards a relaxing piping hot shower at the end of a taxing day! The black colouring just gives this accessory an ‘edge’ and it will work just as perfectly in tandem with some striking chevron print towels, as it would with dreamy grey waffle textiles.

Cube print makeup bag - The Fig Store

Cube print makeup bag

I include the word ‘makeup’ tentatively here, as this geometric print bag could equally serve as an on-trend wash bag or even a ‘man-bag’ with it’s truly eye-catching design in a plethora of greys and contrasting white hairlines. With a design as beautiful as this, there is no harm in leaving this bag on display for all to see!


Jersey cream & black striped bath mat

In most bathrooms, textiles tend to be in the minority due to the dominance of hard materials such as tiles, flooring, fixtures and fittings. For me this makes the process of choosing textiles all the more crucial. I tend to use these as a way of punctuating the space with colour, texture and pattern, which is why I love the classic stripe design of Habitat’s ‘Jersey’ bath mat – perfect for my monochromatic scheme!

Split Shift Tile 1

Encaustic tiles are always a favorite choice of mine due to their incredibly tactile and chalky feel. This particular hand poured concrete tile was born from an exciting collaboration between Bert & May and Darkroom London for the 2016 London Design Festival. However, tiles don’t have to be the exclusive preserve of walls and floors - and can instead make coasters for your favorite bottle of handwash!

Lines Shelf

This is one of ‘those’ classic graphic statement accessories and I love it! Designed in Germany by My Kilos, this folded steel shelf cuts some minimal and yet confident lines. I would consider placing this directly underneath a light source to fully allow light to cast uniform shadows onto a wall, instantly creating additional detailing.