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There is no doubt that matte black brassware is a trend that is here to stay and it is certainly making an impact across the bathroom market. At one point in time it seemed to only feature in bathrooms you see in hotels, on television or in magazines, but over the last few years it has become more accessible than ever before, meaning your bathroom can become a style haven that combines form and function.Deciding whether or not to have matte black brassware in your bathroom is a tough decision to make as there are many pros and cons to it, so in this post we want to give you more of an insight into the ins and outs of matte black brassware.Matte black brassware is now just as easy to purchase as your typical chrome or stainless-steel tap. The prices of matte black brassware are also very competitive, plus there are lots of style variants you can choose from too. Our COS range of matte black brassware is a great option if you want soft, round brassware to feature in your bathroom, be it a basin mixer or a shower arm and head. On the other hand, our TOOGA and FUJI brassware ranges are designed with sharp lines and edges; a nice contrast to the smooth matte finish.Also, it can work well alongside many bathroom interiors and with neutral colours. The darker brassware will provide a sleek contrast to brighter, white bathrooms, but can also complement wood and marble extremely well, giving a more sophisticated look to your bathroom.
Another benefit to matte black brassware is that it is just as durable as chrome brassware due to the electroplating process that takes place when manufacturing these products. This means that the coating will help to prevent scratching of the surface, ensuring that the matte black tap will keep its smooth appearance for longer.Not only this, but fingerprints & watermarks are minimal, both of which can be a big worry for those living in hard water areas. Because of this, it means that it doesn’t need to be cleaned every time it’s used and it isn’t as high maintenance as you’d think, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t some maintenance involved which for some can be seen as a negative to matte black brassware.Over time the finish can slowly fade and will do so quicker if it is not properly maintained. In order to ensure that your matte black tap will look matte and black for as long as possible, only clean it with warm soapy water and with a microfiber cloth so that it can be cleaned evenly and smoothly, and it will ensure that the appearance of scratches will be prevented. One important note to make here is that it cannot be cleaned with any chemicals as these can potentially make the finish become slightly grey over time and can even cause staining on the finish, so it is essential to only use warm soapy water and a microfiber cloth.Finally, make sure that you take extra care when your matte black brassware is being installed because although it does have an electroplated coating to prevent damage and watermarks, that doesn’t mean it is entirely indestructible and the coating is that bit more delicate in comparison to chrome. Simply have a cloth wrapped around the brassware when it’s being installed so that any tools that may accidentally come into contact with it will not cause any potential markings on the finish.