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Most people don’t bother finding out how their home plumbing system works until they have a real problem. What comes as a shock to them is that they have created the problem in the first place by believing the following 5 common misconceptions about plumbing. We are going to tell you the truth and facts about these commonly assumed statements to save you the hassle. You are welcome!1. It is ok to clean your faucets with any kind of soap.Giving your tap a quick rinse with hand soap while washing your hands might be quick and easy but it will not properly clean your fixture. To keep your faucets clean, you should always read the instructions and use non-abrasive cleaning products to avoid damage or use lemon and baking soda for brass fixtures. When you are done, use a soft cleaning cloth to make your taps shine like new.

2. Your plumbing system doesn’t need maintenance.

The truth is that most people don’t think that they should do anything to keep their plumbing working in a good condition. This misconception leads to people neglecting basic information and causing serious problems like frozen pipes and severe leaks. By simply using your plumbing correctly and knowing how to tackle the small problems early on, you can avoid a lot of trouble.

3. You should plunge the toilet to fix any kind of blockage.

When most of the plumbers on TV are portrait with a plunger in hand and no other tools, it’s easy to think that the plunger will do the trick. (So we won’t blame you for thinking that.) However, different blockages should be treated differently and that’s why it might be safer to let a professional plumber fix the issue instead of rushing to the cupboard under the sink for the plunger. Plunging can push the object that is causing the blockage further down and actually cause more damage to the pipe.

4. You should turn your faucet as tight as you can to make sure your taps don’t leak.

Although this might sound logical it actually has the opposite effect. Turning your faucet very tight might cause damage to the tap and ironically a leaking problem. So as long as you’ve turned the faucet all the way and the water has stopped running you don’t run any risks of leaking taps.

5. All plumbers can fix any plumbing issue.

We wish this was true, but unfortunately it isn’t. Although there are some very good plumbers that have experience with all sorts of plumbing and drainage issues, a lot of plumbers have varied experience and knowledge. Make sure you call a professional plumbing company and explain your problem clearly to get the right specialist.