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When planning your bathroom the key is in the few important techniques that will enhance your home. When starting of with an empty space you have to think of it as a naked canvas that has a range of possibilities. Before you get lost in the prospects of your new space remember that if everything in your bathroom is selected carefully, you can achieve a well functioning space that caters to your personal taste and needs. We’ve gathered up the three main elements that are crucial to consider and will help you form a good starting point in planning your bathroom:1. Architectural Space: Before you even begin to worry about bathroom furniture and curtain patterns, take a moment to really look at the space of your room. It’s position in the house, it’s size and shape are fundamentally the most important aspects you have to work with. Ask yourself these questions: How can I use the space that I have to address all the functions that I envision it to accommodate? What are the best ways to utilize the shape of the room? Are there any windows? Do I have a good source of natural light?2. Stylistic Choices: When you’ve thought about the space you can then think about the mood of the room. This is where you can be creative. Express your personal taste but remember to be simple. After all style is done best when it serves a purpose. Taking into consideration the elements you found out about the space by answering the above questions you can narrow down to a stylistic approach that communicates your personality but at the same time works harmoniously with the function of the room.3. Budgeting: It is important when thinking about the space and style of your bathroom to have a clear idea of what your budget is. Visualise your budget as a frame in which to develop and encompass your ideas. Remember that you have to address the above points in a way that they implement each other and make sure you stay within your budget.