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Ready to make 2018 the year of great design? Today’s post, written by the talented Diego Correa, highlights some exciting new styles you can try out in your space this year! Diego Correa’s practice is all about building livable, customized spaces that bring elegance and efficiency to the home of the modern man. With an eye for detail and an extensive background in interior design and architecture, he creates bespoke rooms that are tailored to his clients’ individual styles and lives. Diego is a fantastic resource to clue us in to some upcoming design trends that will age gracefully, harness new technology and function beautifully in your life.    Even though bathrooms are defined by their high levels of functionality (they have to perform well) the way we use them, how we enjoy them, what we expect from them have changed dramatically since the mid of the XX century.The bathroom is not any more, a place where you are as human and vulnerable as you can be.  It has become a place that empowers you, pampers you, offers you the possibility of dreaming, planning, relaxing, etc.They can be and should be powerful rooms and because of that potentiality you need to be keen to invest in them with an open mind knowing that the best you can do it the more return  on your investment you will receive.  Yes, probably the return won’t be money but who did say the only return you can receive is just measured in bank notes and coins?  There are more priceless things than money and some of them are certainly your mental, soul and body’s health.

So let’s see with all those changes going on what you need to expect in 2018 to happen for helping you to achieve that level of comfort and happiness.


[caption id="attachment_14845" align="alignleft" width="199"]Saneux Bathroom Blue Tiles Saneux Bathroom Blue Tiles[/caption][caption id="attachment_14844" align="alignright" width="200"]Saneux Bathroom Yellow Tiles Saneux Bathroom Yellow Tiles[/caption]Color is always present, however this year be prepared because the world definitely is in need of happier people and one way of expressing it is through the use of bold solid colours: dark yellows, reds, blues, etc.  But be aware: the idea is not to create saturated rooms it is combine the use of bold colours with other more muted so to cheer you up and still keep an elegant and fresh look.


[caption id="attachment_14848" align="aligncenter" width="169"]Bath-Shower tray (technology) A bath-shower tray[/caption]We know technology is here to stay.  The aspect of technology that we will see more and more in our bathrooms is the presence of versatile products: a bath that can be transformed in a shower tray, a mirror that can be a TV screen, a flush system with an integrated douche, a head shower with a colour therapy system built in; a glass partition that can be switch on or off making it opaque or transparent.Some of these products you have already seen and/or experienced what is a novelty is how accessible they are now, how easy to integrate and how subtle and discreet they are, thanks to the development of technology.

Surface Materials

[caption id="attachment_14850" align="aligncenter" width="224"]Marble bathroom Marble bathroom[/caption]Up to not that long ago we associate bathrooms with the presence of a grid being its parts formed by tiles or mosaics.Thanks to the development of new materials we can have very big panels around our shower cubicles and dry areas, very light in weight and offering a beautiful and broad choice of colours and textures.These products will help you to maintain your bathroom cleaner and certainly will reduce in an important way the amount of time required to keep it that way.  Plus the advantage of getting a more contemporary look.


[caption id="attachment_14849" align="aligncenter" width="178"]Matt finishes basin Matt finishes basin[/caption]In the same way the design of brassware is becoming more and sleeker. We are living in times where time is always an aspect to consider so having smooth, linear surfaces, easy to clean and handle will have a big impact in the way you live and enjoy your domesticity.So we certainly will see less chrome, more matt finishes, and more linear products where proportions and the combination of materials will be the statement.