At Saneux, we’re proud to have created luxurious, functional bathroom spaces for over twenty years. In all that time, we’ve never changed our commitment to providing the best innovation and design and creating complete bathroom experiences with distinctive products designed for real people.In the spirit of this long tradition of innovation and excellence, Saneux is thrilled to announce the opening of our London bathroom design showroom. You can now experience the quality of our products firsthand as you tour our state of the art showroom or work with an expert to solve any bathroom design problemyou have.Quality is something you can feel, so we encourage you to come and experience our products yourself. Try different finishes and compare and contrast models and sizes. Get a more complete picture of our products with the help of our qualified design experts for your space. Sometimes, seeing really is believing, and we hope our showroom gives you the opportunity to see what we’re talking about for yourself.
The showroom will highlight solutions for any bathroom project or challenge you might be facing, so bring your questions and your dreams and we’re confident we can help you achieve bathroom Nirvana. Our beautiful, pressure-free showroom will give you the tools to make the bathroom of your dreams a reality. If you want a little more help, book an in-depth bathroom design consultation with one of our specialists and dive deep into your project with an expert at your side. We love talking shop, and our team of bathroom specialists can help you pick out the best products for your specific project. Whether it’s a commercial or residential endeavour, our specialists know our products inside and out. If you’ve got questions, our staff can help you find your answer.

Come and see us!

Our showroom is located in London at Board Yard, London EC1M 5SY. We’re open every week, Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm, with the exception of Bank Holidays.

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, or contact us at to book an appointment with a specialist. We look forward to meeting you!