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Warehouse Update: October 2021

Many of you will be aware that we recently moved warehouse from Croydon to Gatwick earlier this year. It has been a hugely successful move that has provided us with more space for stock, around 3 times more space than before in fact. With a big transition like this, it has meant we have had
The time has come to officially announce the launch of our brand new catalogue: Edition 23. This is the biggest launch we have ever done as it not only features a vast selection of brand new ranges and products, but it is also our first catalogue showcasing our new branding that we launched earlier this
It’s been an extremely busy year for us here so far and it’s only going to get busier. Behind the scenes we have been working on creating some new products and ranges as well as expanding and improving some of our current collections, some of which you may have already seen! This August, we’re officially

About: Matte Black Brassware

There is no doubt that matte black brassware is a trend that is here to stay and it is certainly making an impact across the bathroom market. At one point in time it seemed to only feature in bathrooms you see in hotels, on television or in magazines, but over the last few years it
We are extremely excited to announce the launch of Edition 22, the latest Saneux catalogue arriving in 2019. The catalogue will be featuring many of our popular ranges such as AUSTEN, MATTEO and AIR, but there are now 4 brand new ranges and a lot of range expansions that have been introduced across our entire

Attic Bathrooms: How to Make It Work

Attic Bathrooms: How to Make It Work
Attic spaces are known for their tricky space constraints. Though the floorplan gives you a certain amount of square feet, you’re often limited by a sloping roof angling into the headspace. This means that while decorating or renovating a bathroom, you’ll have to work with the structure of the home as it exists. Don’t fight