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The impact of going into a physical store or showroom is second to none. Although browsing and researching online for your new bathroom is convenient, it doesn’t beat the immersive experience you get of going into a showroom and being able to see and feel the products on display. One of our aims for 2023

New for 2023 – Edition 27

Introducing Edition 27 – our latest product catalogue for 2023. There are new product ranges, new colours, and new styles across our furniture, ceramic, and brassware collections that incorporate current bathroom trends that will certainly bring your bathroom to life. First off, we have KINGSBURY which is our “trad mod” collection. Our internal team of
We have been made aware of an e-commerce website that is claiming to be us, Saneux (EU) Ltd. Our only live websites that are registered to us are saneux.com which is an online catalogue and not an e-commerce website, and spares.saneux.com which is an e-commerce website to purchase spare parts for Saneux products. Any other

Edition 26 has arrived!

We’re over halfway through 2022 and what better time to launch our latest product catalogue than right now. Edition 26 features more useful information to help you select the right products to help you create your perfect bathroom, including one section that simply shows the details of what products, sizes, and types of furniture and

Warehouse Update: October 2021

Many of you will be aware that we recently moved warehouse from Croydon to Gatwick earlier this year. It has been a hugely successful move that has provided us with more space for stock, around 3 times more space than before in fact. With a big transition like this, it has meant we have had
The time has come to officially announce the launch of our brand new catalogue: Edition 23. This is the biggest launch we have ever done as it not only features a vast selection of brand new ranges and products, but it is also our first catalogue showcasing our new branding that we launched earlier this