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Attic Bathrooms: How to Make It Work

Attic Bathrooms: How to Make It Work
Attic spaces are known for their tricky space constraints. Though the floorplan gives you a certain amount of square feet, you’re often limited by a sloping roof angling into the headspace. This means that while decorating or renovating a bathroom, you’ll have to work with the structure of the home as it exists. Don’t fight

3 Outstanding Houses in the UK

Saneux is proud to be a British company and our working in the UK design community has put us in touch with some of the finest homes in the country. Today, we’re pleased to present a selection of three world-class homes located right here in the United Kingdom. Manscombe Road, Torquay Architect: Stan Bolt Architecture
Bathroom Decor #6 header
Let’s take a deep-dive into a fun and challenging design project: a tropical-inspired bathroom. Bathrooms have very specific design constraints, and today’s featured designer brings a wealth of interior design experience to teach us about styling a chic and functional bathroom space. Carole King is an interior designer and inspiration curator who runs the blog
Clerkenwell Design Week Recap
Saneux had a wonderful time at this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week. This world-class exhibition brings together the UK’s best and brightest, and Saneux was proud to showcase our new showroom. We love sharing our ranges with the members of the engineering, architecture and design community, and we had a great turnout, with approximately 250 people visiting
Edition 21 Cover
Saneux is pleased to announce the arrival of our newest catalogue, which has been carefully designed to showcase the beauty of our product lines to help you make the right decision for your home or business. This twenty first edition of our catalogue features beautiful product photographs, useful information and stunning design inspiration to motivate