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The VOLATO mirrors

The dream of having a bathroom like those found in boutique hotels can easily be achieved with our VOLATO range. The VOLATO hanging mirror is the ideal balance between simplicity and purity. The stylish, stadium like design of the mirror comes with a practical shelf and a pivoting mechanism for added practicality.

If extra storage is more your thing then the VOLATO mirror cabinet will be the solution. Keeping with the design of the hanging mirror with a delicate frame and smooth curves, the mirror cabinet offers interior shelving space along with the exposed shelf, combining form and function seamlessly.

The Steel Washstands

The beauty of minimalism.

To pair with the VOLATO mirror and mirror cabinet are the sleek, matte black washstands. Made from steel they will last in your bathroom for years, and the same can be said for the industrial and minimalist design.

The steel shelf and side towel rail offer simple storage solutions for toiletries that you want to have on display. They are available on both the floor standing and wall mounted washstands so no compromises need to be made when it comes to choosing design or practicality - both are provided with VOLATO.