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A modern luxury.


A modern luxury.



Simplistic design revisited.

QUADRO has been a long-standing washbasin and furniture range that focused on compact furniture suited for smaller bathrooms, but this has all changed.

The collection has expanded to feature 60cm, 80cm, 100cm and 120cm washbasin and unit combinations alongside the cloakroom basins and units, providing you with a wide array of choices when it comes to designing your modern bathroom.

Contemporary craftsmanship.

QUADRO is unmistakably contemporary with its sharp lines, handle-less and soft-closing drawers, and smooth, deep bowls. The 60cm, 80cm, and 100cm configurations feature a one bowl washbasin and one drawer unit, whilst the 120cm washbasin and unit combination features a double bowl washbasin and 2 drawer unit, perfect for the "his and hers" style of bathrooms.

Each of the units comes in 3 different colours: gloss white, matte stone grey, and matte fiord. All of these modern finishes will work almost seamlessly within any bathroom interior, and the QUADRO design will certainly complement any bathroom setting it finds itself in.


Compact, modern and functional the QUADRO range is the perfect solution for the small contemporary bathroom. The minimal basins and units will not waste precious room or floor space but still manage to provide much needed storage space.

Cloakroom Washbasin Units

60cm basins

60cm Washbasin Units

100cm Basins

100cm Washbasin Units

120cm Basins

120cm Washbasin Units


Washbasin Towel Rails