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The MATTEO Range

Classic design. Never out of style.

The MATTEO range is notable because it is timeless. The simplicity of the design makes MATTEO furniture fit every type and size of bathrooms and for many years, defying trends. There are different options available to make your bathroom stand out from a variety of sizes and finishes across the collection.


The SANEUX MATTEO range is bold, minimalist and as modern as your bathroom should be. The range is complete with a selection of sanitaryware (toilets and basins) and big variety of furniture so that you can have that “complete” look for your bathroom.

50cm Washbasin Units

51cm Basins

51cm Washbasin Units – Cloakroom

60cm Washbasin Units

50cm Basins

60cm Basins

Countertop Basins

Close-coupled WCs


Back-to-Wall WCs

Wall-hung WCs

Toilet Seats

Electric Mirrors

Tall Side Units

Bracket Kits

Decorative Towel Rails