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The FRONTIER Collection

Modular. Elegant.

The FRONTIER range was created with choice and versatility being at the forefront of the R&D process. We know every bathroom is different, which is why we want to give you more choice than ever before.

The Swedish-inspired design of FRONTIER serves to invite you to design your own experience - your own bathroom.

Light It Up

Frontier Mirrors

To complement the range of funiture, FRONTIER also contains a premium range of electric mirrors. The collection consists of two sizes: 60/80cm wide (reversible) and 120cm wide. 

Bathroom Storage

Optional Trays & Dividers

No matter how big or small your bathroom may be - clutter should never be welcome. That's why FRONTIER offers optional accessories such as trays and drawer dividers to accommodate all of your necessary bathroom elements with style and practicality.


60cm Washbasin Units – Wall-mounted

60cm Washbasin Units – Floor-standing

60cm Countertops

60cm Trays

80cm Washbasin Units – Wall-mounted

80cm Washbasin Units – Floor-standing

80cm Countertops

80cm Trays

120cm Countertops

120cm Trays

Compatible Wastes


In-Drawer Dividers & Textured Mats

LED Lighting Kits

Electric Mirrors